Monday, July 13, 2009

controlled bleeding-shanked and slithering

these guys have been killing since '78, their early stuff is said to be a cross between the ramones and mahavishnu. they started this album in '83 and is basically twelve years worth of unreleased madness accompanied by an array of collaborators including ruins' Tatsuya Yoshidao. so enjoy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


i dont really need to say much about these

the locust/man is the bastard split 10"
personally i like the locust stuff from this period way better than their new stuff, its alot more like good so cal power violence, which basically means it sounds like mitb. nine locust tracks then twelve mitb, for some reason the mitb ones show up as a single track.

well ill be a monkeys uncle
supposedly the first of bastard noise's "our earths blood" comps. first track is the locust the six remixes of that song by bastard noise, wizards of war, christoph de babalon, sinking body, kid 606, and i am spoon bender.


the first album of fucked up noisy black metalish stuff by ophichus, mories killed this project a few years ago and is now doing gnaw their tongues which are great.


i guess for the first post im gonna put up a couple things just to get started
basically all you need to know about this is its bjork and crass records put it out, on her website they describe it as "hardcore existential punk jazz energy music" i dunno about that but whatever.