Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cerebral Engorgement

Cerebral Engorgement (CxEx) is a two man Brutal Death Metal/Slam band based in San Fransisco, California. Some sick ass slams here, worth getting if you like Brutal Slamming stuff. Also the interlude song will surely put you off into a little space trip in your head even if your not stoned! but you should listen to it stoned! Get this shit.

Cerebral Engorgement - Shot Bong Suicide:

Friday, June 4, 2010


This is great doom, the whole album is great but the song awkward hearts alone is fucking great, just the long calm beautiful beginning is amazing i could listen to just that for the rest of my life here and so forth in the afterlife if there is one(i would hope there is so i can keep listening to this masterpiece of an album)! This is great doom.

Samothrace - Lifes Trade:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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Taken from the page

"The Band was formed in August 1990 in Hamburg, Germany when Stoffel (guitar/vocals) met Pattex (drums) painting his room in a squat. After a small talk both decided to start an ultrafast Hardcore band, because their old bands had split up.The most inspiration came from bands like Lärm, Electro Hippies, Nunfuckers, Septic Death, M.A.F., Tin Can Army, Vorkriegsphase, (old) D.R.I., Atavistic, Crab Society North, Rapt, SM-70, Napalm Death, Satanic Malfunctions, B.G.K., S.O.B., Active Minds and some more…

After a couple of months they decided to choose the name “YACÖPSAE”, which means the plural of the name “Jakob” with an unusual way of writing, because they don´t wanted to have a “brutal” name like most of the so-called “Grindcore/Thrash”-bands (set examples for yourself in this space…foolish Goofy-Grinders).

After many intense rehearsals they took to the stage for the first time in January 1991. It was horrible, but the crowd liked it. In April 1991, they recorded their first demo tape with 21 songs on it. To support the demo, they played gigs around Hamburg during the next few months. At the end of 1991, the drummer was too busy with his job and didn´t like the style of music much anymore, because the music became faster and more brutal. So he decided to leave the band in Februrary 1992. Stoffel asked his friend Emu, who played in a local Punk/Hardcoreband called “Derider” (RIP), if he would join the band and he did. After several months of practising 25 songs, the band did their first gig with the new line-up in September 1992. It was horrible as well but the crowd liked it again. Unbelievable, but really true."

Einstweilige Vernichtung

Fuck Punk Rock... This Is Turbo-Speed-Violence!!


this compilation contains a bunch of splits, EPs, and compilation tracks till 2005

for more info on this check the following link you bastard

Friday, April 9, 2010


black folk by an ex member of leech and mania

dead times

black noise released on aum war dont know much else about these guys

misanthropic-open up and take your bullet

dystopia-esque sludge/crust

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I just recently found out about this band after purchasing a split with Agathocles and man is this some good grindcore. Here's most of what they released so far, I'm just missing a demo and another EP so if anyone finds it, feel free to upload it

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Forced Expression split

Green Scare

Laceration split

Split w/ Agathocles

A viscous circle of agony

Crimes against reality

The crimson foliage hit

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Gasp in my opinion is one of the greatest bands to ever exist, probably will be some of the greatest pieces of music you will ever hear. There last show was right here in my home city of costa mesa back in 1999, to bad i wasnt aware of this band back then. Please get this!

Gasp-Sore For Days Demo Cassette:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fullmoon Bongzai

Taken from Last Fm.
"Fullmoon Bongzai was born through red clouds and holocaust winds in Patras, Greece. The intense allergy to conventional expressions and beliefs and the need of expressing the inward form and affinity between different musical genres led to the fisrt album called Noisense (2008). You can say that is something between psychedelic industrial black metal and algorythmic noise, with respect to the sprit that Darkthrone carved in everyone’s soul. No actual vocals were used (except three songs with the participation of Stefan from Varathron), but vocal samples stolen from Diamanda Gallas, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Timothy Leary, Willie Dixon, Stellakis Perpiniadis and Thokk. Don’t forget to take drugs. Get ready for a voodoo beach party, celebrating the unholy.

Smoke Satan and worship Dope with the imaginary band:
Titan - Battery
Tethys - Black ‘n’ Decker
Neptune - Bass
Mimas - Drum Dealing "

Its some trippy shit.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

silver mt zion-Kollaps Tradixionales

somehow this blog has turned into a place for me to put up crust and metal bands that ive been listening to, and as much as i love both of those things, that was not what this was ment to be so heres the first of at least a few posts that are something else.

this is the newest silver mt zion record, i believe it came out in january. enjoy

Friday, February 12, 2010

ildjarn is dead

all you people who are into all that raw black metal stuff that seems to be geting popular these days(ie bone awl) should be listening to ildjarn instead.

part one

part two

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


another woodsmoke records release, this one by skagos a cascadian black metal two piece from vancover island bc. they are no longer active due to one member moving to montreal to continue his schooling and the other supposedly moving into a cave on an island somewhere on the west coast of canada(seriously)



panopticon is a one man anarcho-pagan black metal band and its pretty epic due to him adding instruments like ebow, banjo, tribal percussion, upright piano, whistles and wood winds, cello, mandolin, and resonator in his mix.


Friday, January 29, 2010

uaral-lamentos a poema muerto

Chilean funeral doom. if you ever wished those classical guitar intros on death metal albums went on longer and had vocals then youll probably like this, and even if you dont you should listen to it anyway because its good


thou//leech-we pass like night from land to land

i guess i disappeared for a couple months but ive returned, for the time being at least. these two posts are some stuff ive been listening to alot lately.
originally released on cassette by woodsmoke records
a.we pass like night(thou)
2.Rats And Mice And Swarms Of Lice
3.Here I Stand Head In Hand
4.The Defeatist's Lament
b.from land to land(leech)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is some fucking amazing black metal, the sickest vocals ive ever heard from a black metal band. Just purely fast black metal, blast beats from fuckin hell. If you think your a fan of black metal you need to get this.

Black Dominated Annihilation:

Morkheim/Hrapp Split

I dont know much about either band, but this is a good split. On this split Morkheim's sound is just black metal when on other releases Morkheim's sound is more like blackened funeral doom, really good band, i think its a one man band also.