Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fullmoon Bongzai

Taken from Last Fm.
"Fullmoon Bongzai was born through red clouds and holocaust winds in Patras, Greece. The intense allergy to conventional expressions and beliefs and the need of expressing the inward form and affinity between different musical genres led to the fisrt album called Noisense (2008). You can say that is something between psychedelic industrial black metal and algorythmic noise, with respect to the sprit that Darkthrone carved in everyone’s soul. No actual vocals were used (except three songs with the participation of Stefan from Varathron), but vocal samples stolen from Diamanda Gallas, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Timothy Leary, Willie Dixon, Stellakis Perpiniadis and Thokk. Don’t forget to take drugs. Get ready for a voodoo beach party, celebrating the unholy.

Smoke Satan and worship Dope with the imaginary band:
Titan - Battery
Tethys - Black ‘n’ Decker
Neptune - Bass
Mimas - Drum Dealing "

Its some trippy shit.

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