Sunday, November 15, 2009

fields of shit-s/t 10"(life006)

i dont think ive ever herd anything life is abuse put out that i didnt like, heres their description...
'After years of procrastination this puppy is back in print! 13 song debut / last will and testament of this short-lived Bay Area band. Melodic, angry, punked out grooves with political lyrics from dual gendered vocalists. Occasional off-meter beats and quarky riffage. This disk was originally pressed in 1998 and never got repressed due to my limited budget at the time. Now it's back in print! Musically crossed between all the aforementioned bands with little hints of DAMAD or ANTISCHISM."Hate, Love, Fear and Lust mixed between hypnotic rhythms and thick flows, slow beats and near thrash speeds" - the band. Made up of 2 parts FILTH, 1 part TALK IS POISON, 1 part QUEEN MAB, and 1 part Shoshanna. Recorded by Noah Landis (Christ on Parade / Neurosis). Comes complete with 16 page lyric booklet.'


im thinking of posting the life is abuse discography so yea but dont hold me to that cause i might not, tell me if i should or not.

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