Sunday, September 27, 2009

messiah complex

i got this from 200mg and although it took three months for my package to come it was worth it, especially cause there were four other cds i didnt order too. if you every feel like giving someone money and thinking you got ripped off for a few months buy something from those guys cause the packaging on all there releases are awesome. anyway i found this description somewhere and its obviously better then mine are so read it.

The label calls the music of Messiah Complex "death noise" and who are we to argue? This Scottish one man merchant of deathlike noise offers up two discs, nearly two hours of minimal blackened dronemusic. Multiple songs or pieces or movements, melded into two huge suites.
The first disc is downright lovely, beginning as a breathy shimmery metallic ebb and flow, a gentle pulse, layered drones, fuzzy and indistinct, throb softly in a sea of hiss and barely audible rumble. At one point the track downshifts from the hissy blur into some serious cavernous low end rumble, deeeeeeeeep and darkly ominous, it eventually builds to a wall of crumbling distortion, but quickly subsides and returns to a whirring shimmer.
The second disc takes up right where the first disc left off, albeit a bit more ominously, and with some added noise, some industrial clatter, some reverbed metallic grind, the slow low rumble builds and builds and builds eventually erupting into an awesomely caustic freakout, that almost sounds like THE heaviest part of a Neurosis song, where the vocals are howling the guitars are roaring, that single second stretched into a long blurred blast. It eventually peters out, but in its place surfaces some sort of post industrial metallic Whitehouse sound, huge corrosive shards of jagged sound, walls of feedback, shrieking, moaning tones, a harsh vocal howling over the top. Finally giving way to a roiling backdrop of distorted downtuned crumble, over which guitars drone and whit and buzz and throb, a murky dense stretch of washed out softnoise.

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