Wednesday, September 2, 2009

one speed bike


"1-Speed Bike is the DJ and mobile soundsystem alter-ego of Aidan Girt, drummer for Montreal-based bands Exhaust and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Making his first appearance remixing tracks on an ancient 12-bit AKAI sampler for Exhaust’s debut record, 1-Speed Bike went on to build a large sample bank sourced from his own live drumming and made a full-length album (with full 16-bit resolution) for Constellation in 2000. He has also moshed things up at numerous street actions and benefits over the years, and has gone on to release a series of records on Broklyn Beats. Aidan was a member of the Montreal Anarchist Bookstore collective and lived in Amsterdam for a while before settling into a cabin in the woods outside Montreal, where he continues to speed things up and slow things down at his home studio."

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  1. I re-listened to the CD you burned me on the way back from big sur recently. It was a lot better than I initially thought.Digging it MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!