Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Medication Time(life13)

Its medication time!

"A Spastic, Sarcastic, Piece of Plastic, about being mentally challenged and fucked up on drugs during the Second coming of Christ and World War IV!! Imagine being stuck in an insane asylum with Septic Death, Rudimentary Peni and Wesley Willis and then trying to write a record about your "trip"... only to discover you no longer remember how to play music, more or less tie your own shoes!! Executed by recovering members of DYSTOPIA, SKAVEN, THE IMPULSE ITEMS, and NIGEL PEPPER-COCK. Mad frantic trash grooves for dysfunctional members of society. Lp is a gatefold, CD contains a 33 minute interview by local mind-maverick Saint Paul (close friend of Jackson Browne, Joe Walsh, Pauly Shore, Bob Weir...) and a cover of Soft Cell's SEX DWARF. Recorded at Tim Greens "Louder Studios". Intriguing mood-music for the new millenium."
this is the lp version meaning it doesnt have the saint paul track which is kind of a bummer since its rather amusing. ill post it up if i can find it.

One Free Miracle Ticket LP:

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