Sunday, December 13, 2009

total shutdown-broadcast preformances 7" (life19)

instead of posting the whole life is abuse discography im gonna just put up the more random stuff that not everyone has.

"Splattery jazz-core without macho attitude. Horns and a broken Casio poking up everywhere out of a bass/guit/drums whirlwind. Screaming, oh yes, there is screaming. There is room to throw a rock and sometimes a boulder through the mix. Not a wall of noise- it gets sparse. Songs, definite songs, but played so ferociously that you may think it’s improv. Awesome moves from all members. Usually things are broken. Band members and audience members alike hit the deck. All in all, terrible fun. I will not compare to other bands. Your turn!" -Dave Broekema. Indeed spastic, maniacal, what some would refer to as "rainbow violence cocaine jazz" inspired by Judy Blume and the ill's of modern culture."


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  1. I saw these guys live a long time ago- really fucking great.